The Future of the Church

Amidst increased talk, these days, of the decline of Christianity in its several forms, and the decreasing number of people who attend churches of every tradition, there is a lot of hand-wringing going on, as well as a lot of sensationalistic grasps at supposed solutions, and not a few naive head-buried-in-the-sand reactions.  What I have begun to do this year is take note of books, articles, and sermons I come across that cogently speak into our present situation and most realistically point us towards a future in which the Church will not only survive, but flourish.

But I repeat: the Church will survive and flourish.  This says nothing whatsoever of our cultures, countries, or other secular establishments or traditions.

This page will serve as a hub, linking to individual blog posts that I will write as I continue to explore this subject.  What follows are a few lists that (God willing) will slowly grow and become links as I process and write.

Identifying the Problems Plaguing the Church

  • The Plague of Juvenilization
  • The Plague of Individualism
  • The Plague of Relativism
  • The Plague of Cultural Accommodation (both societal and nationalistic)
  • The Plague of Isolation
  • The Plague of Neo-Paganism

False Promises and Misplaced Hopes

  • Liberal Product Re-branding (such as the Emergent Movement)
  • Conservative Product Re-branding (such as the Ordinariate)

Pathways of Survival and Flourishing

For Further Reading:

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