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The Bible is a book of Origins

This is part two of sixteen in a series, “The Bible Is…” Where did we come from? and How did we get here? are two of the big existential questions that occupies the religious and philosophical imaginations of every culture … Continue reading

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O come let us adore him

O Come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, O come ye, O come ye to Bethelehem; Come and adore him, born the King of angels. For weeks we have repeated the Bible’s final prayer: “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”  We … Continue reading

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Give Unto Caesar

This is my homily for 22 October 2017, on Isaiah 45:1-7 & Matthew 22:15-22. Today we’ve got a fun couple of Scripture readings to deal with.  The main one we’re going to address is the Gospel reading, containing Jesus’ famous teaching … Continue reading

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What has God done for us? – summarizing Articles 15-18

In a culture that insists on highlighting the freedom and capability of humanity (be it the individual, the race as a whole, or a bit of both), an emphasis on the doctrine of salvation through Christ alone becomes all the … Continue reading

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Who is God? – summarizing Articles 1-5

The 39 Articles of Religion begin with the absolute basic questions of reality: who is God?  This is the heart of the definition of theology, explaining who and what God is. The liturgy of the Anglican tradition, as ordered in … Continue reading

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Love’s Limits

As Christians we talk about love quite a lot.  Love the Lord your God – that’s the first and great commandment.  Love your neighbor as yourself – that’s the second.  Love is the fulfillment of the Law.  Perfect love casts … Continue reading

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Article 5: the Holy Spirit

This is part of my commentary series on The 39 Articles of Religion.  Article 5 states: V. Of the Holy Ghost The Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son, is of one substance, majesty, and glory, with the … Continue reading

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