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How do we know God?

Summarizing Articles 6-8 Like the first five Articles, these three set Anglican tradition squarely in line with historic Christian teaching.  The appeal to the Creeds and Scriptures as the normative grounds for Christian belief is of catholic (or universal) appeal … Continue reading

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Article 6: the Scriptures

This is part of my commentary series on The 39 Articles of Religion.  Article 6 states: VI. Of the Sufficiency of the holy Scriptures for salvation Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation: so that whatsoever is not read … Continue reading

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The Gospel in Apocalyptic Vision

The Gospel is really quite epic.  Over the course of thousands of years, God reveals himself more and more clearly through various means, prophets, and events.  He makes it more and more clear that salvation from the problems of the … Continue reading

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“the other word of the Lord”

This is a bit of a follow-up to my post last month about the “other books” known as “Apocrypha” and “Deuterocanon” by various Christian parties. One of the streams of Anglican practice today as we come across the occasional lectionary … Continue reading

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Deuterocanon? Apocrypha? Other books?

At the heart of being an Evangelical Christian, one of the key components is fidelity to the Bible.  Therefore, one needs to be absolutely sure what the Bible is.  For the New Testament there is no serious dispute.  The Old … Continue reading

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Stuff thinking Christians should read

One of the great marvels of the modern era in which we live is just how many editions of the Bible that are available to us.  Off the cuff I could name probably ten different translations: TNIV – Today’s New … Continue reading

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