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Layers of Biblical Canon

The Bible is a large book.  To many people, that’s about as far as it’s understood: as a single, large, book.  Christians and other readers are aware, further, that the Bible has a number of books that make up its … Continue reading

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St. Clement of Rome

One of the tough questions to ask about the Saints and Church History is who are the “most important” people to know about.  It is perhaps obvious that the “most important” figures in the history of Christianity are those who … Continue reading

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The Bible is Perspective

This is part 15 of 16 in the series, “the Bible Is…“ One of the greatest blessings about the Bible’s contents is that it provides us with multiple accounts and perspectives on a large portion of the major events, stories, … Continue reading

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Richard Hooker

The Reformed tradition has John Calvin, the Lutherans have Martin Luther, the Methodists have John Wesley… but who do Anglicans look to as our “quintessential theologian”?  Depending upon one’s disposition it may either be endlessly frustrating or a liberating relief … Continue reading

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Jesus and Apostolic Authority

Part One: Division I was having a little dialogue with someone on Facebook last week about the intersection of politics and religion.  It was once of those situations where the other person and I actually were in general agreement concerning … Continue reading

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The Ecclesiastical Books

One of the curiosities of Anglican practice, compared to other Protestant traditions, is the use of a number of books that aren’t in the standard Protestant Bible.  These books are found in the Greek version of the Old Testament and … Continue reading

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The Formularies as Exposition

Something I spent a lot of time doing over the past couple years was developing my sense of grounding in the formularies of the Anglican tradition.  As I’ve written elsewhere, a “formulary” is a document that formulates the basis of a … Continue reading

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