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Worship and Psalm 28

This weekend, my family enjoyed attending the Bolton Fair.  As a mainstay of local life, you could say that the Fair is part of the “liturgy” of living in that area: it’s a part of life that is recognized, acknowledged, … Continue reading

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Anglican Spirituality: Liturgical Cycles

One of the foundational structures of Anglican Spirituality is an interconnected system of liturgical cycles based on the passage of time.  Every day, every week, and every year has a spiritual logic to it that enables and equips the community … Continue reading

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Three Tips on Spiritual Health

I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to spiritual warfare in my own personal life for the past month, and have begun to notice some trends that may serve as helpful tips for others battling against the world, the flesh, … Continue reading

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Basics of Anglican Spirituality

Anglican spirituality is Catholic.  By that I mean it’s directly in line with historic Christian faith and practice.  It has its own flavor, as every local realization of the global Church does, but it nevertheless matches the same spirituality that … Continue reading

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Praying through the Week

Something I’ve come to appreciate about the Daily Office is its treatment of the week.  On their own, “every day is like another,” as Paul told the Romans.  But as those very same verses imply, we have the power to … Continue reading

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Catechesis & Worship

I have had the pleasure these past two months of having a catechumen – that is, someone who wants to become an Anglican Christian, and wants to learn the difference between our tradition and the Baptist tradition in which he … Continue reading

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Book Review: Liturgical Theology (8/8)

Liturgical Theology by Simon Chan Part Two: Practices – Chapter 7: Active Participation Chapters 5 and 6 were about understanding the liturgy, but engagement with it is also necessary!  The Nature of Liturgical Spirituality How does liturgy form us into … Continue reading

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