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A Video Series on Scripture & Theology

How do we read the Bible, and where does theology come from?  Here is an introductory survey, piece by piece. Prequel: do exegesis and theology matter? The practicals of how to read the Bible, especially with the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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How do we know God?

Summarizing Articles 6-8 Like the first five Articles, these three set Anglican tradition squarely in line with historic Christian teaching.  The appeal to the Creeds and Scriptures as the normative grounds for Christian belief is of catholic (or universal) appeal … Continue reading

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Article 8: The 3 Creeds

This is part of my commentary series on The 39 Articles of Religion.  Article 8 states: VIII. Of the Three Creeds The Three Creeds, Nicene Creed, Athanasius’s Creed, and that which is commonly called the Apostles’ Creed, ought thoroughly to … Continue reading

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Catechesis & Worship

I have had the pleasure these past two months of having a catechumen – that is, someone who wants to become an Anglican Christian, and wants to learn the difference between our tradition and the Baptist tradition in which he … Continue reading

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Ignatius to the Trallians ch9-11

Continuing my review of the Epistle of Ignatius to the Trallians… chapter 9 Be deaf, then, to any talk that ignores Jesus Christ, of David’s lineage, of Mary; who was really born, ate, and drank; was died, in the sight … Continue reading

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Book Review: Liturgical Theology (6/8)

Liturgical Theology by Simon Chan Part Two: Practices – Chapter 5: the Catechumenate Until very recently, life afforded people a more stable identity.  An occupation was typically a life-long and life-lasting vocation.  Post-modernism has shattered this paradigm, allowing (or forcing) … Continue reading

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Praying the Creed

Something that I often find difficult to explain to non-liturgical Christians is the significance of reciting/reading the Creed together.  It’s difficult for me to make it sound like anything more than a basic doctrinal check-up.  Fortunately, there are people in … Continue reading

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