Sometimes when you write something, you look back on it later and find it to be dated, obsolete, silly, or otherwise embarrassing.  But sometimes you look back and nod vigorously saying “yes, that’s it!”  That’s what I’ve collected on this page; a bunch of my favorite posts since I started this blog.

  1. “Get Saved” vs. “Fight Evil” – my critique of popular misuse of salvation terminology
  2. Three-fold rule of Christian worship – how I understand the worship life of the Church
  3. Not Each, but All – on why liturgical worship is valuable for all Christians
  4. Purpose rooted in identity – in which I answer the question “what is the Church for?”
  5. Gifts for building up the body – where my views on the subject of ministry in the Church come together most coherently
  6. Sanguina Christi – Latin for “the blood of Christ,” this meditation gets at the heart of my Eucharistic theological views
  7. The calm before the storm – a homily describing God’s preparation for sending his Son
  8. Beyond the Grave – in which I talk about the intermediate state (between our death and resurrection)
  9. Sola Scriptura III – my final argument against extreme biblicism and a groundwork for a necessary Tradition
  10. Worship: epic tale or webisode? – my large-scale address of the heart of worship
  11. The “other” word of the Lord – the culmination of previous discussion of the Apocrypha/Deuterocanon
  12. My rant on Church unity – with actual rational arguments along the way
  13. Creation Questions – where I stand on that silly creation/evolution debate
  14. What is Catholic Christianity? – where I finally arrive at a short manageable definition of Catholicism.

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