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Bernard of Clairvaux

Whether you are interested in history, in Christianity, or Christian history, Saint Bernard of Clairveaux is a massively significant and complex person.  He was born in 1090 and lived through one of the more complicated periods of medieval European history.  … Continue reading

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The Bible is a book of Paul’s Epistles

This is part ten of sixteen in a series, “The Bible Is…“ A brief survey of the New Testament quickly reveals that, by title count, one man authored large chunk of it: 13 of 27 books – nearly half – … Continue reading

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Review: Surprised By Oxford

I’m not sure I’ve ever read an autobiography before.  I almost entitled this post “Surprised By An Autobiography,” but that’ve been a bit pretentious.  There are a lot of “Surprised By…” books: C. S. Lewis was surprised by joy, N. … Continue reading

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St. Julian of Norwich

Saint Julian of Norwich was an ordinary medieval women of some social status and means.  She was born in England around 1342, and had a severe illness at thirty in which she received last rites and had a series of … Continue reading

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Intimacy of the Incarnation

August 15th is a holiday commemorating the Virgin Mary  (or, more specifically in the Roman tradition, her assumption into heaven at the end of her life).  This year, August 15th was also my wife’s due date, but as it turned … Continue reading

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Love’s Limits

As Christians we talk about love quite a lot.  Love the Lord your God – that’s the first and great commandment.  Love your neighbor as yourself – that’s the second.  Love is the fulfillment of the Law.  Perfect love casts … Continue reading

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Mourning with Orlando

So as I’m sure everyone in the country knows by now, there was a large-scale shooting in Orlando early Sunday morning.  The death toll, as I’ve read, is up to 50, plus 53 wounded, apparently making this the largest terrorist … Continue reading

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