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The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

Consider this a mini-sermon on todays’ Gospel lesson (Luke 16:1-13). The Parable itself In Luke 13:1-7, the dishonest manager reduces his master’s debts in order to make friends with his master’s debtors.  The master commends the manager for his shrewdness … Continue reading

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Love like you’re married to Christ

Originally posted on The Saint Aelfric Customary:
We’ve got a daily hymnody plan available, an order for using the Occasional Prayers, and some insight on how to sing Simplified Anglican Chant.  Let’s put it all together and see what Evening Prayer can be…

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From the Altar to the Foot Basin

A Maundy Thursday homily, on Luke 22:14-30 One of the classic challenges of having four Gospel books is the fact that they don’t always have their chronology lined up with each other.  How did Jesus identify his traitor during the Last … Continue reading

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The Bible Is Wisdom

This is part fourteen of a sixteen part series, “The Bible Is“. One of the old stereotypes concerning the Bible is that it is full of useful sayings and good advice.  Although it is true that all Scripture “is profitable … Continue reading

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Bernard of Clairvaux

Whether you are interested in history, in Christianity, or Christian history, Saint Bernard of Clairveaux is a massively significant and complex person.  He was born in 1090 and lived through one of the more complicated periods of medieval European history.  … Continue reading

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The Bible is a book of Paul’s Epistles

This is part ten of sixteen in a series, “The Bible Is…“ A brief survey of the New Testament quickly reveals that, by title count, one man authored large chunk of it: 13 of 27 books – nearly half – … Continue reading

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Review: Surprised By Oxford

I’m not sure I’ve ever read an autobiography before.  I almost entitled this post “Surprised By An Autobiography,” but that’ve been a bit pretentious.  There are a lot of “Surprised By…” books: C. S. Lewis was surprised by joy, N. … Continue reading

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