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Definition of an Evangelical

The term ‘evangelical‘ is one of the most widely used terms in American culture right now.  The popular media uses it to refer to socio-politically conservative people who self-identify as Christian (often synonymous with the term fundamentalist), certain liberal Protestant … Continue reading

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Is Eucharistic Doctrine Necessary?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a range of views held by various traditions concerning Eucharistic Doctrine, or the understanding of Holy Communion.  There, I outlined three families of views (realist, spiritual, and absenteeist) with a number of specific … Continue reading

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How long should a worship service be?

Now there’s a contentious question.  The length of a worship service can vary greatly, not only from one tradition to another, but even within a single tradition.  Some Pentecostal churches are known for spending a couple hours in “prayer and … Continue reading

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Give Unto Caesar

This is my homily for 22 October 2017, on Isaiah 45:1-7 & Matthew 22:15-22. Today we’ve got a fun couple of Scripture readings to deal with.  The main one we’re going to address is the Gospel reading, containing Jesus’ famous teaching … Continue reading

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4 Questions for a better Bible study

One of the biggest struggles in reading the Bible is understanding what it’s saying, and discerning what to do about it.  For the past half-century, Western culture has fostered very shallow reading habits; sometimes it seems to me that all … Continue reading

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10 Signs you’re on a “spiritual” ego trip

I recently came across an interesting little article with a slightly rougher title than that of this blog post: http://highexistence.com/10-spiritual-bypassing-things-people-total-bullshit/ It seems to have been written from a sort of New Age perspective.  Much of its warnings, however, can be … Continue reading

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Now What: the future of the Church

 lessons from biblical history in how the Church can survive (and thrive!) in the midst of a hostile culture Since January 17th we’ve spent close to 30 Sunday sermons exploring the end of 2 Chronicles and the entire books of … Continue reading

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