What I Believe

I generally make it a rule for this blog that I only write what I would preach in the public.  If I wouldn’t say it in public, in person, I shouldn’t write it here.  There are some doctrines that I hold strongly, and other areas where I am still sorting through the various perspectives and teachings of different Christians throughout history; and I try to be up-front about which is which.

What follows below is a collection of links to articles that express what I believe on various topics of doctrine.

I. Apology & Preface

II. Community of God
A. Identity Through History
B. Characteristics of the Church
C. Authority in the Church
D. Building the Church
1. The purpose of the Church
—-a. to love God (worship)
—-b. to love one another (edify)
—-c. to love all (mission)
2. The members of the Church
3. The Public Servants in the Church

III. Theology of God
A. Identity and Attributes
B. The Triune Godhead
1. Trinity in Unity
2. Relation to Creation
3. God the Father
4. God the Son
5. God the Spirit
C. Sacramentology
1. Eucharist
2. Baptism
3. Receiving the Holy Spirit (confirmation)
4. Prayer to heal one’s spirit (absolution)
5. Prayer to heal one’s body (anointing the sick)
6. Two becoming one flesh (matrimony)
7. Ordination to the Ministry of the Church
8. Proclaiming the Word (Preaching)
9. Hymns, Psalms, & Spiritual Songs (Singing)

IV. Creation by Fiat
A. Means of Creation – Christ the Firstborn
B. Objects of Creation – Heavens & Earth
C. Process of Creation – Six “Days”
D. Vassals of Creation – Humanity
E. Ministers of Creation – Angels
F. End/Purpose of Creation – Sabbath

V. Corruption of Creation
A. Fall of God’s Vassals
B. Fall of Vassals’ Protectorate
C. Death begets Death

VI. Creation by Cooperation
A. Second Adam (New Creation)
B. Sin must be undone (Atonement)
C. Predestined in Christ (Election)
D. New Life in Christ (Regeneration)
E. Repent and… (New Life Committment)
F. The Law Must Be Fulfilled (Justification)
G. Be Perfect As God Is Perfect (Sanctification)

VII. Consummation of Creation
A. Resurrection
B. Final Judgement
C. Damnation
D. Glorification
E. Kingdom of God