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Celebrating Hope with Psalm 114

Evening Prayer on the 23rd day of the month sees Psalm 114 leading the Psalms Appointed for that Office.  It’s a short psalm, which is always helpful for those who are new to praying the psalms, and it explores the … Continue reading

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Bible Translation – video introduction

New to the world of Bible translations? Looking for an introduction to the sorts of choices that are out there in the Bible market and what the difference might be between different styles? This is an overview of what’s out … Continue reading

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Will the Real Catholics Please Stand Up?

In common parlance, the word “catholic” is synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church.  There are a number of Lutherans and Anglicans around who refer to themselves as catholic – I’ve been one of those for around ten years now.  Some … Continue reading

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The Maccabean Famine

Originally posted on The Saint Aelfric Customary:
In Evening Prayer we’re walking through some brief highlights of 1 & 2 Maccabees this week, and I thought that since so many Anglicans today have minimal experience with these books, it would…

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Catholic Christianity in a Nutshell

This video post is a sort of combination of two similar blog posts from a while back. Index: 00:00 Introduction 01:28 Definitions of ‘catholic’ 04:08 Jesus at the center of our doctrine 09:23 Jesus at the center of our worship … Continue reading

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“A Protestant Learns About Anglicanism”

Lately I’ve started seeing more and more suggested videos showing up on my YouTube home page from the Ten Minute Bible Hour, hosted by another guy named Matt who likes to learn and share what he learns.  A few of … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Ecclesiastical Books

The Apocrypha, or Deuterocanon, also known as the Ecclesiastical Books, is a selection of books that are omitted from modern Protestant Bibles, and the source of a great deal of confusion and contention when Christians of different stripes compare notes. … Continue reading

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