The Gospel in a Year

Grace Anglican Church is walking together through the Gospel story through the whole year, beginning in December 2013 and ending in November 2014.  We’re not trying out the latest fashionable church program marketed out by the popular mega-church of the day; we’re thinking bigger!  We’re using a program for corporate Bible-reading, study, and prayer that was used by countless local churches across six continents for nearly fifteen hundred years.  There are a number of slightly different versions of it that have developed over time; ours is based on a version developed in England in the 16th century, with a few adaptations from the 17th and 21st centuries.

The whole year is set into seven parts.  Some of these parts are more focused than others, sometimes even including a “theme prayer” that gets repeated each day throughout.  Within these seven seasons, every Sunday (and a number of additional holidays along the way) has a set of Bible readings and a prayer which together emphasize a certain aspect of the larger Gospel story.  Typically the readings include one Old Testament passage, one Psalm, one Epistle passage, and one Gospel passage, though occasionally they switch around.

This page serves as an index to link to the notes for each Sunday and Holiday that this historic Gospel-in-a-year lectionary covers.

Part 1: Jesus Is Coming (the season of Advent)

1st Sunday in Advent, 2nd Sunday in Advent
3rd Sunday in Advent, 4th Sunday in Advent

Part 2: Jesus Is Here (Christmastide)

Christmas DaySt. Stephen, St. John, Holy Innocents’ Day,
1st Sunday after Christmas, Circumcision of Jesus, 2nd Sunday after Christmas

Part 3: the Revelation of Jesus (Ephiphanytide)

The Epiphany, The Baptism of Jesus, 1st Sunday after the Epiphany,
2nd Sunday after the Epiphany, 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany,
4th Sunday after Epiphany, 5th Sunday after Epiphany, 6th Sunday after Epiphany

Major Feasts: Confession of Peter, Conversion of Paul, the Presentation of Jesus

 Part 4: Dealing With Sin (the season of Lent)

3rd Sunday before Lent, 2nd Sunday before Lent, Last Sunday before Lent,

Ash Wednesday, 1st Sunday in Lent, 2nd Sunday in Lent, 3rd Sunday in Lent,
4th Sunday in Lent, 5th Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday)

6th Sunday in Lent (Palm Sunday), Monday before Easter
Tuesday before Easter, Wednesday before Easter
Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday

Major Feasts in March: St. Josephthe Annunciation

 Part 5: Resurrection of Jesus (Eastertide)

Easter Day, Monday in Easter Week, Tuesday in Easter Week

2nd Sunday in Eastertide, 3rd Sunday in Eastertide, 4th Sunday in Eastertide
5th Sunday in Eastertide, 6th Sunday (Rogation Sunday)

Major Feast in April: St. Mark

Part 6: Ascension of Jesus (Ascensiontide)

Ascension Day, Sunday after Ascension Day,

Pentecost (Whitsunday), Monday after Pentecost, Tuesday after Pentecost

Major Feasts in MaySts. Philip & James, St. Matthias, the Visitation,

 Part 7: the Age of the Church (season after Trinity)

Introduction: Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi,
1st Sunday after Trinity, 2nd Sunday after Trinity

Part 1: 3rd Sunday after Trinity, 4th Sunday after Trinity,
5th Sunday after Trinity, 6th Sunday after Trinity, 7th Sunday after Trinity
8th Sunday after Trinity, 9th Sunday after Trinity,

Major Feasts in June & JulySt. Barnabas, St. John the Baptist
Sts. Peter & Paul, St. Thomas, St. Mary Magdalene, St. James

Part 2:  10th Sunday after Trinity
11th Sunday after Trinity, 12th Sunday after Trinity, 13th Sunday after Trinity
14th Sunday after Trinity, 15th Sunday after Trinity, 16th Sunday after Trinity

Major Feasts in August & September: the Transfiguration, Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Bartholomew, Holy Cross DaySt. MatthewMichael & Angels

Part 3: 17th Sunday after Trinity
18th Sunday after Trinity, 19th Sunday after Trinity, 20th Sunday after Trinity
21st Sunday after Trinity, 22nd Sunday after Trinity, 23rd Sunday after Trinity

Major Feasts in October & November: St. Luke, St. James of Jerusalem
Sts. Simon & Jude, All Saints Day, All Souls Day

Conclusion: 24th Sunday after Trinity, Christ the King Sunday

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