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Charity/Love with George Herbert

Something especially challenging about the English language is how much it seems to have changed in the past century.  Those who are over 50 years old tend to be fairly aware of this, but my generation is reasonably clueless unless … Continue reading

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Do this in remembrance of me

I’ve made a few brief explorations into the concept of the word “remembrance” in the Bible, trying to tease out a more complete understanding of the concept.  This has been done with the specific goal in mind to work out … Continue reading

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Reading the Song of Songs

So many titles – the Song of Songs, the Song of Solomon, the Canticle of Canticles… it’s kind of funny that the book of the bible with the most varied set of titles comes with an equally varied set of … Continue reading

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NT Survey of Discipleship

A popular buzzword across many church traditions these days is “discipleship.”  Usually when I hear it spoken or see it written, people are attributing to it a romantic notion of one-on-one training between a mentor and a single student, as … Continue reading

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Rethinking the word “until”

In English, the word “until” typically means one thing: “up to a certain point in time, and no further.”  But when we read the Bible, this may not always be a guarantee.  The Greek word εως is almost always translated … Continue reading

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3 Word Studies – Bishop, Priest, Deacon

Episkopos / bishop / overseer Luke 19:44      “the time of your oversight” Acts 1:20         “let another take his office” Acts 20:28       “the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to shepherd…” Phil. 1:1           “To all… with the overseers” I Tim. 3:1        … Continue reading

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Memorial as Worship

It feels a little silly making another short post chiefly in response to one piddly little word that I read in the Bible this morning, especially since I’ve commented on a similar word before.  But the fact of the matter … Continue reading

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