Three-Fold Rule of Worship

I have a couple older posts on this blog about the three-fold rule, or Regula, of worship in the Christian religion, but the examples I gave and the manner in which I presented it feel a bit dated to how I would prefer to explain it now.  So here’s a fresh introduction to the concept, this time on video!

I’m very new to the world of video-making, so please forgive the visual oddities as I learn how to make eye contact with a camera better, and all that jazz.  And fear not, this blog will still include written material; I’m just trying a new thing for a while to see if it sticks.

About Fr. Brench

I'm an Anglican Priest and a sci-fi geek. Therefore, I write about liturgy & spiritual formation, theology & biblical studies, and Doctor Who. But I keep those blogs separate so I don't confuse too many people!
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