Martyrdom of Sts. Peter & Paul

 (June 29)

The Collect:
ALMIGHTY God, whose blessed Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul glorified you in their death as in their life: Grant that your Church, inspired by their teaching and example, and made one by your Spirit, may ever stand firm upon the one foundation, Jesus Christ your Son our Lord; who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

The Readings:
Ezekiel 3:4-11; Psalm 125; Acts 12:1-11; Matthew 16:13-19

Although today’s readings mainly focus on Saint Peter, Saint Paul is also commemorated alongside him as they both were martyred at close the same time and place.  As great as these men were, and as important as they were in the founding of the Church and the spreading of the Gospel among Jews and Gentiles, the Collect reminds us that the Church’s firm foundation is Jesus.  Those who trust in him, as the Psalm says, will not be moved or shaken.

About Fr. Brench

I'm an Anglican Priest and a sci-fi geek. Therefore, I write about liturgy & spiritual formation, theology & biblical studies, and Doctor Who. But I keep those blogs separate so I don't confuse too many people!
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