3 Word Studies – Bishop, Priest, Deacon

Episkopos / bishop / overseer

Luke 19:44      “the time of your oversight
Acts 1:20         “let another take his office
Acts 20:28       “the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to shepherd…”
Phil. 1:1           “To all… with the overseers
I Tim. 3:1        “If anyone aspires to the episcopacy
I Tim. 3:2        “An overseer must be…”
Titus 1:7          “an overseer, as God’s steward,”
Heb. 12:15      “Oversee that none fail to obtain the grace of God”
I Pet. 2:12       “on the day of oversight
I Pet. 2:25       “the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls”
I Pet. 5:2         “Shepherd the flock, overseeing…”

presbyteros / presbyter / priest / elder
(only NT examples in Christian contexts)

Acts 2:17         “and your old men shall dream dreams”
Acts 11:30       “sending it to the elders
Acts 14:23       “they’d ordained/handed elders
Acts 15:2         “the the Apostles and the elders
Acts 15:4         “by the church and the Apostles and the elders
Acts 15:6         “the Apostles and the elders were gathered”
Acts 15:22       “it seemed good to the Apostles and the elders
Acts 15:23       “the Apostles and elders, brothers,”
Acts 16:4         “decisions reached by the Apostles and elders
Acts 20:17       “called the elders of the church to come to him”
Acts 21:48       “all the elders were present”
I Tim. 4:14      “the body of elders laid their hands on you”
I Tim. 5:1        “Don’t rebuke an older man
I Tim. 5:2        “… or older women…”
I Tim. 5:17      “Give the well-ruling elders double honor – worthy…”
Tim. 5:19      “don’t receive an accusation against an elder unless…”
Titus 1:5          “appoint elders in each town”
Titus 2:2          “older men are to be sober”
Titus 2:3          “older women are to be reverent”
Philemon 9      “Paul, an elder, and prisoner”
Hebrews 11:2  “the people of old testified”
James 5:14       “call for the elders of the church”
I Peter 5:1       “I exhort the elders among you”
I Peter 5:5       “Younger ones, be subject to elders
2 John 1           “The elder to the elect lady”
3 John 1           “The elder to Gaius…”
Rev. 4:4           “24 elders seated on thrones”
Rev. 4:10         “24 elders fall before the enthroned one”
Rev. 5:5           “one of the elders said to me”
Rev. 5:6           “amidst the elders I saw a lamb standing…”
Rev. 5:8           “24 elders fell down”
Rev. 5:11         “around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders
Rev. 5:14         “the elders fell and worshipped”
Rev. 7:11         “around the throne, elders, and four living creatures”
Rev. 7:13         “one of the elders addressed me”
Rev. 11:16, 14:3, 19:4, etc.

Diakonos / deacon / servant

Acts 6:1           “their widows were neglected in the daily service”
Acts 19:22       “two of his deacons, Timothy and Erastus”
Romans 12:7   “if service, in our serving
Romans 15:8   “Christ became a deacon
Eph. 6:21         “Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful deacon
Phil. 1:1           “To all… with the overseers and deacons
Col. 4:7           “Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful deacon
Col. 4:17         “see that you fulfill the ministry
I Tim. 3:8        “deacons must be dignified”
I Tim. 3:10      “let them serve as deacons, being blameless”
I Tim. 3:12      “let deacons be husbands of one wife”
I Tim. 3:13      “good deacons get good grades”
Heb. 1:14        “angels are ministering spirits”

About Fr. Brench

I'm an Anglican Priest and a sci-fi geek. Therefore, I write about liturgy & spiritual formation, theology & biblical studies, and Doctor Who. But I keep those blogs separate so I don't confuse too many people!
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